Who we are

Llincorp is a private firm established in Florida, United States, dedicated to the management, marketing and sales of nonstrategic or obsolete industrial assets. Currently our services are directed to the Caribbean region, with a view to expand into the regions of Central America and northern countries of South America.

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Our Services

Day after day, large corporations decide to close their production plants and cease operations due to restructuring processes, divestitures, change of obsolete technology or, in the worst case, bankruptcy.

We collaborate with our customers looking to increase marketing opportunities of their industrial assets, managing the process from planning and closing operation to the dismantling or demobilization of sold assets.

Global Presence

Our contact network is present on 5 continents. This allows us to display the equipments and assets held for sale to the global market, and accelerate the process of selling them.

We offer our services to:

Industrial corporations
Financial entities
Investment funds
Industrial companies active auctions
Dealers of second-hand industrial equipment


We know how to maximize our expertise and experience in order to offer a range of options in logistics, routes and fares available in the following areas: land transportation, air, sea, warehousing, customs services, etc.