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Boiler Auxiliares and miscellaneous

Equipment Specification
Boiler Proper 135T/H, 63K, 505°C
Economizer Bare Tube Type
Air Preheater Tubular Type
Steam Air Heater Fin Tube Type
Mechanical Dust Collector Outlet Dust Concentration 0.15 g/Nm3 ( Rotary Valve, Vibrator )
Stack Structure Supporting Type Height: 40m ( Aviation Warning Light )
Oil Burner Lunce Type
Ignitor Electrical Propane Gas Ignition Type
Soot Blower Retractable/Rotary Type

Turbine Auxiliares And Miscellaneous

Equipment Specification
Generator 36,666Kva, 13,800V
Turning Gear Automatic Disengaged Type
Oil Purifier Centrifugal Type
Turbine House Crane Capacity 25/ 5 Ton
Hogging Ejector Single Stage Type (Steam Line Valve Vent line valve )
Condenser 2700m2, 2 stage


Equipment Specification
Forced Draft Fan 2,800 m3/ min, 490 mmH2O 295 Kw, 1,200 rpm
Induced Draft Fan 5,600 m3/ min, 400 mmH2O 535 Kw, 1200 rpm
Hydraulic Couplin for I.D.Fan 535 Kw, 1200 rpm
Gland Condenser Fan 2.2 Kw
Vapor Extractor 1.5 Kw


Equipment Specification
Make-up Water Pump 7t/h, 3.5 Kg/Cm2, 3.7 Kw, 1,800 rpm
Condensate Pump 205 t/h, 11.3 Kg/Cm2 132 Kw, 1,800 rpm
Boiler Feed Water Pump 158 t/h, 77.7 Kg/Cm2 620 Kw, 3,600 rpm
Circulating Water Booster Pump 700 t/h, 1.7 Kg/Cm2 50 Kw, 1,800 rpm
Process Cooling Water Pump 350 t/h, 3.8 Kg/Cm2 60 Kw, 1,800 rpm
Drain Pump 3.5 t/h, 1.0 Kg/Cm2 1.5 Kw, 1,800 rpm
Fuel Oil Pump 11.6 t/h, 17.5 Kg/Cm2 15 Kw, 1,800 rpm
Diesel Oil Pump 2.4 t/h, 14 Kg/Cm2 3.7 Kw, 1,800 rpm
Main Oil Pump Shaft Driven Discharge press. 10 Kg/Cm2
Auxiliary Oil Pump A.C. Motor driven 45 Kw. Discharge Press. 10 Kg/Cm2
Emergency Oil Pump D.C. Motor driven 5.5 Kw. Discharge Press. 1.5 Kg/Cm2
Turning Oil Pump A.C. Motor driven 5.5 Kw. Discharge Press. 1.5 Kg/Cm2
Regeneration water Pump 40 M3/Horas, 32 M, 11Kw

Heat Exchanger

Equipment Specification
Condenser 696 mmHg (cooling water inlet.outlet valve.)
Air Ejector Two stage type
Gland Condenser Shell and tube type
#1LP heater U tube type, 116 m2
#2 LP heater U tube type, 116 M2
Deaerator Spray Scrubber type, 135 T/H
#4 HP heater U tube type(FW inlet valve) (comman By-pass valve)
#5 HP heater U tube type(FW outlet valve)
Process Cooling water Cooler Plate type
Fuel Oil Heater Shell and tube type
Lube Oil Cooler Shell and tube type
Suction Oil Heater Shell and tube type

Tank and pressure vessel

Equipment Specification
Demineralized water tank Partition inside of barge 335 M3
Condensate Storage tank Cone Roof type 50m3
Process Cooling water Recovery tank Partition inside Barge 69m3
Process Cooling tank Head tank Cylindrical type 40m3
Drain tank Partition inside of Barge 20m3
Fuel oil Day tank Partition inside of barge 251m3
Diesel Oil tank Partition inside of Barge 84m3
Diesel Generator Oil Tank Integrated Type
Lube Oil Reservoir 4,000 Liters
Flash tank Cylindrical type Treated capacity 6.5 t/h.

Boiler Auxiliares and miscellaneous

Equipment Specification
Direct Digital Control System Consisting of Operator Console System Cabinet Interface Cabinet Printer
Turbine Governor Control System Woodward 505

Electrical Equipment

Equipment Specification
13.8 Kv Switchgear 13.8 kv VCB, PT, SA
13.8 Kv Switchgear 4.16 kv VCB, PT
460 V Switchgear 460 V VCB, PT
460 V Trans. Panel 4.16 kv/460V Trans.
Distribution Board No Fuse Breaker
Neutral Grounding Generator Grounding
Main Transformer 36,666 Kva
Unit Transformer 3,500 Kva
Battery Charger
Excitation Cubicle
69 Kv S/S Protection Cubicle
Generator Protection Cubicle
Interlock Relay Cubicle
Generator Control Panel
69 Kv Control Panel
Electrical Aux. Control Panel
Generator Control Desk
Paging Sistem


Equipment Specification
Sampling Rack 5 Coolers
Chemical Dosing Equipment Hydrazine, Ammonia/Sodium Phosphate/Ferrous Sulphate
Air Compressor With After Cooler 11.6 m3/min , 90 Kw.
Air Receiver Cylindrical Type
Air Dryer Absorbed Type, 7.5 Kw
Diesel Generator 125 Kv, 460 V, 1,800 rpm.
Condenser Cleaning Device Sponge Ball Type
Demineralization System Treated Capacity: 7 m3/h
Fire Fighting System Water. Foam Hydrant/ Water Spray System/ Halon Unit
Cathodic Protection Equipment Impressed Current Type

Boiler Auxiliares and miscellaneous

Equipment Specification
Clarified water Transfer pump 25 t/h x 5 kg./cm2 11 kv x 1800 rpm
Circulating water pump 9300 m3/h x11 m 370 kw
Fuel oil transfer pump 36 t/h x3.5 kg/cm2 18.5 kw x1800 rpm
Raw water pump 7 t/h x 3 kg/cm2 3.7 kw x 1800 rpm
Well water pump 42 t/h x 8.5 kg/cm2 15 kw x 1800 rpm vertical type
Clarified water Storage tank 360 m3
Fuel oil storage tank 7500 m3
Raw water tank 1000 m3
Water intake station Treated capacity: 9300 m3/h
Chlorination plant Electrolytic sodium hypochlorite generating type
Pretreatment system Treated capacity: 7 m3/h
Crane for water intake station Gantry type Capacity: 10 ton.
Fire fighting system Diesel driven fire pump/foam chamber
Tank and pump for hypochlorite Capacity: 5 m3
Substation 69 kv